.NET Programming with C++/CLI (Visual C++)


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The following topics describe how Visual C++ can target the .NET platform.

By default, CLR projects created with Visual Studio 2015 target .NET Framework 4.5.2. To target .NET Framework 4.6 when you create a new project, in the New Project dialog, change the target framework in the dropdown at the top middle of the dialog. To change the target framework for an existing project, close the project, edit the project file (.vcxproj), and change the value of the Target Framework Version to 4.6. Next time you open the project, the settings will take effect.

In This Section

C++/CLI Tasks

Native and .NET Interoperability

C++/CLI Migration Primer

Pure and Verifiable Code (C++/CLI)

Regular Expressions (C++/CLI)

File Handling and I/O (C++/CLI)

Graphics Operations (C++/CLI)

Windows Operations (C++/CLI)

Data Access Using ADO.NET (C++/CLI)

Interoperability with Other .NET Languages (C++/CLI)

Serialization (C++/CLI)

Managed Types (C++/CLI)

Reflection (C++/CLI)

Strong Name Assemblies (Assembly Signing) (C++/CLI)

Debug Class (C++/CLI)

STL/CLR Library Reference

C++ Support Library

Exceptions in C++/CLI

Boxing (C++/CLI)

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Native and .NET Interoperability