Reference (Visual FoxPro)

The Visual FoxPro reference topics describe the commands, controls, objects, properties, methods, events, statements, functions, constants and productivity tools available.

In This Section

  • General Reference
    Includes Visual FoxPro-related technical information, including file types, file structures, and other reference information about Visual FoxPro elements.

  • Language Reference (Visual FoxPro)
    Provides a list of language reference topics in alphabetical order.

  • User Interface Reference (Visual FoxPro)
    Explains the options that appear on various dialog boxes, windows, and other user interfaces. Generally, these topics appear when you press F1 in a dialog box or window.

  • Error Messages
    Provides information about some of the more common error messages in Visual FoxPro.

  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2
    Provides links to additional resources available to the Visual FoxPro application developer.

  • Getting Started with Visual FoxPro
    Provides information about installing, upgrading, and configuring Visual FoxPro, as well as customizing the development environment.

  • Using Visual FoxPro
    Gives an overview of Visual FoxPro features, concepts, and productivity tools for developing and managing high-performance database applications and components.

  • Samples and Walkthroughs
    Provides code samples that you can use for experimenting and becoming acquainted with features.

  • Product Support (Visual FoxPro)
    Provides information about the various technical support options available for Visual FoxPro.