The SQL Server related Weblogs (blogs) featured here give you the personal perspective of industry experts on new developments in database and data access technology.

Note: Blogs marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that they frequently post about the upcoming version of SQL Server. If you want to learn more about SQL Server 2008, be sure to check out these blogs in particular.

Microsoft SQL Server Team Blogs

Data Platform Development Team Blogs
Find blogs on various data development products and technologies including ADO.NET, Astoria, JDBC, SNAC, PHP, XML, Velocity, and more.

The Data Platform Insider
Insider news about Microsoft's Data Platform technologies, which include SQL Server.

SQL Server CLR Integration
Samples, tips and tricks, insights from the CLR Integration team at SQL Server.

SQL Server Compact Team Blog

SQL Server Development Customer Advisory Team
Best practices and lessons learned from the most demanding SQL Server implementations in the world.

SQL Server Engine Team Blog
TSQL and SQL programming tips and tricks, performance tips, guidelines, and best practices.

SQL Server Express
The SQL Server team gives you the latest SQL Server Express news, tips and insights on using Express, migrating from Express to SQL Server, and more.

SQL Server Integration Services Team Blog

SQL Server Manageability Team Blog
The Manageability team offers tools, scripts, webcasts, and miscellaneous tips that will help you get the most out of SQL Server.

SQL Server Performance from SQL Performance Engineering Team
Get best practices, tips, benchmarks, troubleshooting and monitoring for SQL Server, ADO.NET, Analysis Services, and SSIS.

SQL Programmability and API Development Team Blog
Get insights from the product team itself on SQL Server programming and APIs: TSQL, SQL CLR, XML, and more.

SQL Server Protocols Team
Discussions related to Microsoft's SQL Server Protocols - Netlibs, TDS and (new for SQL 2005) SOAP. Topics include connections and SQL connectivity.

SQL Server PSS Escalation Engineers 
The official team Web Log for Microsoft PSS SQL Support. Posts are mostly provided by the PSS SQL Escalation Services team.

SQL Server Query Processing Team
Tips, tricks, and advice from the SQL Server Query Optimization Team.

SQL Server Security
Tips, tricks, and advice from the SQL Server Query Optimization Team.

SQL Server Service Broker Conversations
Small projects showing Service Broker at work.

SQL Server Service Broker Team Blog
Provides news, programming tips, and problem solving information to potential users of the Service Broker feature.

SQL Server Storage Engine
Learn about all things data storage related, from disaster recovery to

SQL Server TechCenter/Developer Center Site Management
What's new on the sites and behind-the-scenes peeks at how a link ends up on a page.

SQL Server User Education
Learn about new documentation releases, get tips and tricks for using SQL Server documentation effectively.

Microsoft Employee SQL Server Blogs

Bob Meyers - Reporting Services
Notes, tips, rants, and ruminations on SQL Reporting Services, and Report Builder in particular.

Brian Welcker - Reporting Services
Periodic missives from the magical land of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

Buck Woody - Database Administration

Euan Garden
Life, the universe, MS and SQL.

Isaac Kunen - Spatial Data*

Jamie MacLennan - Analysis Services
Get insights on SQL Server 2005 Data Mining from the lead developer for the team.

John Gallardo - Reporting Services

Kirk Haselden - Integration Services
SSIS and other stuff...

Lukasz Pawlowski - Reporting and Notification Services
Lukas shares sample code and discuss common questions about Reporting Services and Notification Services.

Matt Masson - Integration Services*

Michael Rys - XML
Michael works on the SQL Server engine team. Here, he provides you with his insights on XML.

Mike Ormond*

Mosha Pasumansky
Microsoft OLAP & Analysis Services.

Rafik Robeal

Roger Doherty - Data Platform*

Roger Wolter - SOA, Data Management

Steve Lasker - SQL Compact*

Zack Owens - Data Platform*

SQL Server MVP Blogs

Aaron Bertrand

Adam Machanic
Get Adam's take on databases and data access architecture, primarily with an eye towards performance and scalability.

Andrew Kelly 

Allen White 

Bill Graziano 

Bob Beauchemin 
Get the latest on SQL Server 2005 from Bob Beachemin - author, speaker, SQL skills instructor, and all-around SQL Server expert.

Brad McGehee 

Chris Webb 

Dan Guzman 

Darren Gosbell 

Davide Mauri 

Dejan Sarka 

Dinakar Nethi 

Don Kiely 
All Things Technical in .NET, SQL Server, and Security.

Erik Ejlskov Jense 

Geoff Hiten 

Glenn Berry 

Greg Low 

Greg Moore 

Hugo Kornelis

Paul Randal

Matthew Roche

Jasper Smith 

Joe Webb 

John Welch 

Kalen Delaney 
SQL Server Internals and other tidbits from the author of The Book.

Kevin Kline 

Kimberly L. Tripp*
Kimberly is a SQL Server specialist focusing on performance tuning and availability. Here she'll give you tips and tricks on SQL Server.

Linchi Shea 

Louis Davidson 

Matija Lah 

Paul Ibison 

Paul Nielsen 

Phil Brammer 

Pinal Dave 

Rafael Salas 

Rick Heiges 

Rob Farley

Simon Sabin 

Stephen Wynkoop 

Tara Kizer 

Tibor Karaszi 

Tony Rogerson

Other SQL Server Blogs

Don Kiely's Technical Blatherings RSS
All Things Technical in .NET, SQL Server, and Security.

Kent Tegels RSS
Join Kent Tegels for his musings on developing and technology.

Michel Caradec - Business Intelligence RSS

Mohammed Hafeezuddin RSS

Niels Berglund RSS
Niels works on the database curriculum for Developmentor. Check in for his views on SQL Server in general and SQL Server 2005 in particular.

Remus Rusanu (Service Broker) RSS

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