Product Updates for Visual C++ 6.0

Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 6

Microsoft Service Pack 6 for Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0 with Visual SourceSafe 6.0d addresses known issues with Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Source Safe 6.0. This service pack does not contain fixes for Visual InterDev 6.0, Visual FoxPro 6.0, and Visual J++ 6.0, as the mainstream life-cycle for these products has ended. This SP replaces Service Pack 5 for developers using Visual Basic 6.0, Visual C++ 6.0, and Visual SourceSafe 6.0. Developers using Visual InterDev 6.0, Visual J++ 6.0, and Visual FoxPro 6.0 should continue using Service Pack 5.

Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 5
Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 5 (SP5) provides the latest updates to the Visual Studio 6.0 development system. SP5 includes the latest performance and compatibility updates for Visual Studio 6.0 and its component products. SP5 is recommended for all Visual Studio 6.0 users and is available to order on CD or download.
T-SQL Debugger Buffer Overrun Fix
Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise contains a Visual Basic® feature for debugging T-SQL. This feature contains a problem that could cause a buffer overrun. Since the default installation of the Debugger Object allows anyone to start the debugger and run as the logged on interactive user, this bug potentially could be exploited with malicious intentions.
Visual Studio Installer 1.1
Microsoft Visual Studio Installer 1.1 is the latest update to the graphical tool that simplifies the creation of application setup programs for distribution to single user or enterprise-wide desktops. New with Visual Studio Installer 1.1 is side-by-side installation of versioned DLLs.
Microsoft Visual C++ Processor Pack
The Visual C++ 6.0 Processor Pack provides intrinsic support for enhanced instruction sets supported by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processors. The instructions sets supported are Intel's Pentium III new instruction sets (Streaming SIMD Extensions [SSE]) and Intel's Pentium 4 new instruction sets (Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 [SSE2]) as well as AMD's 3DNow! Instruction sets. The Processor Pack is available as a download.
Visual SourceSafe 6.0 SP3 Netsetup Installation Update
Update for customers who install Visual SourceSafe® 6.0 clients over a network. Includes instructions for how to update the files on a Visual SourceSafe Netsetup server with Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 3 and updated VSS98net.inf files.
Microsoft Data Engine for Visual Studio 6.0
The Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) is a fully SQL Server™ 7.0 compatible data engine for building mobile and shared solutions that easily migrate to SQL Server 7.0. MSDE for Visual Studio 6.0 is available free through a Web download and Web CD order form for licensed customers of Visual C++ 6.0 Professional and Enterprise edition.