IComputerTargetGroup.GetSummaryPerUpdate Method (UpdateTypes) 

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Get the summary information for updates of the specified type for computers in this ComputerTargetGroup. Updates with at least one approval are included, even if the update is not approved for this particular target group.

Namespace: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration
Assembly: Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration (in microsoft.updateservices.administration.dll)


Function GetSummaryPerUpdate ( _
    updateTypes As UpdateTypes _
) As UpdateSummaryCollection
Dim instance As IComputerTargetGroup
Dim updateTypes As UpdateTypes
Dim returnValue As UpdateSummaryCollection

returnValue = instance.GetSummaryPerUpdate(updateTypes)
UpdateSummaryCollection GetSummaryPerUpdate (
    UpdateTypes updateTypes
UpdateSummaryCollection^ GetSummaryPerUpdate (
    UpdateTypes updateTypes
UpdateSummaryCollection GetSummaryPerUpdate (
    UpdateTypes updateTypes
function GetSummaryPerUpdate (
    updateTypes : UpdateTypes
) : UpdateSummaryCollection


  • updateTypes
    The types of updates to get information for. Can be any combination of values from UpdateTypes.

Return Value

A collection containing one entry for each update for this ComputerTargetGroup, each with counts summed across all ComputerTargets in this ComputerTargetGroup.


Exception type Condition


The computer target group could not be found in the database.


This operation requires WSUS Reporter privileges.


Windows Server 2003

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