UiaCacheRequest Structure

Note  This structure is deprecated.

Contains information about a request to cache data about UI Automation elements.


typedef struct {
    UiaCondition *pViewCondition;
    TreeScope Scope;
    PROPERTYID *pProperties;
    int cProperties;
    PATTERNID *pPatterns;
    int cPatterns;
    AutomationElementMode automationElementMode;
} UiaCacheRequest;


  • pViewCondition
    The address of a UiaCondition structure that specifies the condition that cached elements must match.
  • Scope
    A value from the TreeScope enumerated type indicating the scope of the cache request; for example, whether it includes children of the root element.
  • pProperties
    The address of an array of identifiers for properties to cache. For a list of property IDs, see Property Identifiers.
  • cProperties
    The count of elements in the pProperties array.
  • pPatterns
    The address of an array of identifiers for control patterns to cache. For a list of control pattern IDs, see Control Pattern Identifiers.
  • cPatterns
    The count of elements in the pPatterns array.
  • automationElementMode
    A value from the AutomationElementMode enumerated type indicating the type of reference to cached UI Automation elements that is to be returned.

Structure Information

Header uiautomationcoreapi.h
Minimum operating systems Windows XP