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The clippingImage attribute specifies or retrieves the region to clip the control to.



Possible Values

This attribute is a read/write String indicating the image file name. It has no default value.


The clippingImage attribute supports PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF files (not including animated GIFs). Because JPGs are lossy and therefore subject to unexpected color change, they are not recommended for clipping images.

This attribute is useful when you want to display only a part of the control image and not the entire rectangular area. The clippingColor attribute indicates the regions of the clipping image that correspond to transparent, non-clickable portions of the control. The control can therefore be of any shape. For best results, the clipping image should be the same size as the control image.

The clippingImage attribute is not supported by the PLAYLIST, VIEW, and SUBVIEW elements. A clipping image will not work with the VIDEO element if VIDEO**.windowless** is set to false, nor with the EFFECTS element if EFFECTS**.windowed** is set to true.

Because the use of clipping images imposes a performance penalty, they should not be used when efficiency is an issue.


See the BUTTONELEMENT.mappingColor attribute for a sample illustrating the use of this attribute.


Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later.

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