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HTMLView Element

Note This section describes functionality designed for use by premium services. Use of this functionality outside the context of a premium service is not supported.

The HTMLView element specifies the base URL of an HTMLView Web page.


    BaseURL = "


BaseURL (required)

Base URL for the HTMLView Web page that Windows Media Player displays.

Parent/Child Elements

Hierarchy Element
Parent elements ServiceInfo
Child elements None


You can use this element to integrate the HTMLView feature with your online store. If the domain of the URL specified by the current online store matches the one for the HTMLView Web page, the switch to Now Playing happens without user intervention and the HTMLView content is displayed. Otherwise, Windows Media Player prompts the user for permission to show the HTMLView content.

For example, if the URL for the HTMLView Web page is and the URL for the BaseURL attribute is specified as, the HTMLView Web page displays without prompting the user.


Version: Windows Media Player 10 or later.

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