Windows Media Player 11 SDK IWMPEvents2::DeviceSyncError 

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The DeviceSyncError event occurs in response to a synchronization error.


    void DeviceSyncError(
  IWMPSyncDevice*  pDevice,
  IDispatch*  pMedia



[in]  Address of the IWMPSyncDevice interface that represents the device for which the synchronization error occurred.


[in]  Address of the IWMPDispatch interface that represents the media item for which the synchronization error occurred.


You should call QueryInterface on pMedia to get the IWMPMedia2 interface for the Media object. You can then use IWMPMedia2::get_error to retrieve more information about the error that occurred.

Use IWMPSyncDevice::isIdentical to determine whether a particular device matches the device for which the error occurred.

You can also handle this event through an IDispatch event sink by using the _WMPOCXEvents interface.

Windows Media Player 10 Mobile: This event is not supported.


Version: Windows Media Player 10 or later.

Header: Include wmp.h.

Library: Use wmp.dll.

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