External Modem Registry Key Sample

A default registry entry always exists for a Hayes-compatible modem that is connected to COM1. You can specify additional external modems under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ExtModems key. Most of the values that are set for PCMCIA modems also apply to external modems, except that the following values are ignored for external modems:

Registry Key Type Value Remarks
TSP   Unimodem.dll This value is redundant, because Unimodem is the component that processes the ExtModem keys.
DeviceArrayIndex DWORD 1 The Serial.dll library file uses these registry values when it loads for the port on which the external modem is connected.
Prefix   COM  
DLL   Serial.dll  
ResetDelay DWORD 800  

The following example of registry entries will cause TAPI 2.0 to create a line device for the external modem from CompanyX, and present it as one of the available TAPI devices. In this minimal example, all of the default settings from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Driver\Unimodem\Init and \Settings keys will be used.

   "FriendlyName"="CompanyX External Modem"

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