Supplementary Telephony Functions

The supplementary telephony functions provide another level of line device handling. The application can use these services to perform conference-call, forward, park, and hold functions. These functions are available to the user only if the telephone company provides support for them.

An application can query a line or phone device for the set of supplementary services it provides using functions such as lineGetDevCaps or lineGetAddressCaps. A single supplementary service may consist of multiple function calls and messages. The Telephony API, and not the service provider developer, defines the behavior of each of these supplementary features. A service provider should provide a supplementary telephony service only if it can implement the exact meaning as defined by the API.

An application that is based on Windows CE 3.0 can use a number of TAPI supplementary functions. This section describes only a few of the supplementary functions that are available.

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