HTML Control API

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The HTML Control API includes the following areas of functionality:

  • HTML Control

    The prototypes that are defined in the Htmlctrl.h file relate to the operation of the HTML viewer control. The HTML viewer control provides a viewer with the means to display HTML text and embedded images.

  • XML Parser

    The prototypes that are defined in XMLParser.h manipulate Extensible Markup Language (XML) without building an in-memory tree representation of the entire XML document. This interface was designed in lieu of an industry standard API for customers who want to scan a chunk of XML to find a certain tag. For example, the Channel Definition Format (CDF) viewer must scan every CDF file in a folder for a LOGO tag that has an ICON attribute so it can display the appropriate icon.

    The Push Model XML Parser consists of low-level interfaces that are designed for C programmers only. The Push Model XML Parser includes an IXMLParser interface that is used to parse XML either from an IStream, or directly from an in-memory buffer or a URL. The parser also includes a Node Factory callback interface, which the parser calls for each XML tag or attribute it finds in the source. The client implements its own Node Factory.

    Although this version of XML Parser has been superceded by the industry standard Simple API for XML (SAX2) API that is available in Microsoft® XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0, this version of XML Parser is the only one supported by Pocket PC and Smartphone 2002-based devices.

The following elements are associated with the HTML Control API feature area:

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