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This section contains technical reference details on the Windows Mobile native Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

In This Section

  • Component Services for Windows Mobile-based Devices
    A platform-independent, object-oriented system for creating binary software components that can interact with other COM-based components.
  • Device Configuration API
    Provides the functionality that enables access to the configuration management components of a Windows Mobile-based device.
  • Device Drivers
    Provides reference information for interacting with device drivers, which, in turn, interact with devices.
  • File Systems and Data Store Reference
    Descriptions of file systems and data store programming elements.
  • Fonts API
    Descriptions of fonts programming elements.
  • Information Management
    Information about the APIs which Windows Mobile provides for discovering and utilizing Storage Cards, performing actions when applications are installed or removed, and The Pocket Outlook® Object Model (POOM).
  • International API
    Descriptions of Input Method Manager, Multilingual User Interface, and National Language Support programming elements.
  • Internet Explorer Mobile
    A compact Internet browser that is optimized for Windows Mobile-based devices.
  • Multimedia and Games
    Information for implementing multimedia and game functionality in Windows Mobile applications.
  • Networking
    Provides networking and communications capabilities that enable devices to connect and communicate with other devices and people over both wireless and wired networks.
  • OS Services
    information about core operating system services.
  • Safe String
    Duplicate or enhanced familiar string functions from the standard C run-time library.
  • Security for Windows Mobile-based Devices
    Information for Authentication Services, Credential Manager, Cryptography, and LASS application development and programming elements.
  • Shell and User Interface
    Descriptions of Shell and User Interface programming elements.
  • State and Notifications Broker
    A mechanism for storing system and application information in the registry and provides a notification system for changes in the stored information.
  • Windows Mobile Error Reporting Reference
    Technologies that capture key information about the state of the machine at the time of a program crash and allow users to report the collected information.
  • XML Core Services and Document Object Model
    Provides a set of APIs that allow you to access and manipulate an XML document.

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