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The Navigate method navigates to a URL or file.


HRESULT Navigate(
  VARIANT *Flags,
  VARIANT *TargetFrameName,
  VARIANT *PostData,
  VARIANT *Headers


  • URL
    [in] Variable of type BSTR that specifies the URL, full path, or Universal Naming Convention (UNC) location and name of the resource to display. This value is required.

  • Flags
    [in, optional] This variable is not used.

  • TargetFrameName
    [in, optional] Pointer to a VARIANT structure of type VT_BSTR that contains the name of the frame in which to display the resource. The possible values for this parameter are described in the following table.

    Value Description
    _blank Load the link into a new unnamed window.
    _parent Load the link into the immediate parent of the document the link is in.
    _self Load the link into the same window the link was clicked in.
    _top Load the link into the full body of the current window.
    window name A named HTML frame. If no frame or window exists that matches the specified target name, a new window is opened for the specified link.
  • PostData
    [in, optional] Pointer to variable that specifies data to send with the HTTP POST transaction. For example, the POST transaction is used to send data gathered by an HTML form.

  • Headers
    [in, optional] Pointer to a variable that specifies the HTTP headers to send to the server.

Return Value

This method returns the standard values E_INVALIDARG, E_OUTOFMEMORY, E_UNEXPECTED, and E_FAIL, as well as the following:

  • S_OK
    The method completed successfully.



The DISPID is defined in piedocvw.h. Use this value to identify the event handler when implementing IDispatch::Invoke.


Pocket PC: Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later
Smartphone: Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later
OS Versions: Windows CE 5.01 and later
Header: piedocvw.h
Library: piedocvw.lib

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