MAPI Enumerations

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This section provides detailed information about the Windows Mobile-based Messaging API (MAPI) enumerations described in the following table.

Enumeration Description
IFormProvider::FORMTYPE Used by the IFormProvider::ComposeMessageForm method to specify the type of message to compose.
IFormProviderEx::FORMTYPE Used by the IFormProviderEx::CreateComposeForm method to specify the type of message to compose.
IMailSyncHandler::FOLDEROPTIONS Used in the IMailSyncHandler::SetFolderOptions method to request that the transport set various folder options.
IMessageFormEx::FORMACTIONS Defines the set of possible actions specified in IMessageFormEx::DoAction that Messaging can request a message form to perform.
IMessageFormHostEx::CLOSINGMSGSTATUS Used by IMessageFormHostEx::FormClosing to indicate how to close a message form.
IMessageFormHostEx::HOSTACTIONS Used by IMessageFormHostEx::DoAction to indicate the action for Messaging to perform for a plug-in.
MRCACCESS Used by a mail rule client to indicate the type of access the client wants when processing incoming messages.
MRCHANDLED Used by a mail rule client to indicate how the mail rule client handled the messages it processed.

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