CeFindAllFiles (RAPI)

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This function retrieves information about all files and directories in the given directory of the Microsoft® Windows® CE object store on a remote device.

BOOL CeFindAllFiles(
  LPCWSTR szPath, 
  DWORD dwFlags, 
  LPDWORD lpdwFoundCount, 
  LPLPCE_FIND_DATA ppFindDataArray 


  • szPath
    [in] Null-terminated string contains the name of the path in which to search for files. Note that within the path string, two backslashes (\\) must be used to achieve a single backslash because the C language reserves a single backslash for escape characters. For example, a valid path would be "\\temp", whereas a path set to "\temp" would expand to the tab character followed by "emp".

  • dwFlags
    [in] Combination of filter and retrieval flags. The filter flags specify what kinds of files to document, and the retrieval flags specify which members of the CE_FIND_DATA structure to retrieve.

    The filter flags can be a combination of the following values.

    Value Description
    FAF_ATTRIB_CHILDREN Only retrieve information for directories that have child items.
    FAF_ATTRIB_NO_HIDDEN Do not retrieve information for files or directories that have the hidden attribute set.
    FAF_FOLDERS_ONLY Only retrieve information for directories.
    FAF_NO_HIDDEN_SYS_ROMMODULES Do not retrieve information for ROM files or directories.
    FAF_GETTARGET Get shortcut target information.

    The retrieval flags can be a combination of the following values.

    Value Description
    FAF_ATTRIBUTES Retrieve the file attributes and copy them to the dwFileAttributes member.
    FAF_CREATION_TIME Retrieve the file creation time and copy it to the ftCreationTime member.
    FAF_LASTACCESS_TIME Retrieve the time when the file was last accessed and copy it to the ftLastAccessTime member.
    FAF_LASTWRITE_TIME Retrieve the time when the file was last written to and copy it to the ftLastWriteTime member.
    FAF_SIZE_HIGH Retrieve the high-order DWORD value of the file size and copy it to the nFileSizeHigh member.
    FAF_SIZE_LOW Retrieve the low-order DWORD value of the file size and copy it to the nFileSizeLow member.
    FAF_OID Retrieve the object identifier of the file and copy it to the dwOID member.
    FAF_NAME Retrieve the file name and copy it to the cFileName member.
    FAF_FLAG_COUNT Count of flags. For internal use only.
  • lpdwFoundCount
    [out] Long pointer to a variable that receives a count of the items found.

  • ppFindDataArray
    [out] Pointer to the pointer to an array of CE_FIND_DATA structures that receive information about the found items. It is the application's responsibility to free the memory used by the array. To free the memory you must call CeRapiFreeBuffer.

Return Values

Nonzero indicates success. Zero indicates failure. To get extended error information, call CeGetLastError and CeRapiGetError.


Pocket PC: Pocket PC 2000 and later
Smartphone: Smartphone 2002 and later
OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later
Header: Rapi.h
Library: Rapi.lib

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