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This structure contains a property value.

typedef struct _CEPROPVAL {
  CEPROPID propid;
  WORD wLenData;
  WORD wFlags;


  • propid
    Identifier of the property value. The high-order word is an application-defined identifier, and the low-order word is a predefined constant value that indicates the data type of the value specified by the val member. The low-order word can be one of the following values.

    Value Description
    CEVT_BLOB A CEBLOB structure.
    CEVT_BOOL A Boolean value.
    CEVT_I2 A 16-bit signed integer.
    CEVT_I4 A 32-bit signed integer.
    CEVT_LPWSTR A null-terminated string.
    CEVT_R8 A 64-bit signed interger.
    CEVT_UI2 A 16-bit unsigned integer.
    CEVT_UI4 A 32-bit unsigned integer.
  • wLenData
    This parameter is reserved for future use; the value of this parameter must be set to 0.

  • wFlags
    Special flags for the property. It is one of the following values.

    Value Description
    CEDB_PROPNOTFOUND Set by the CeReadRecordProps function if the property was not found.
    CEDB_PROPDELETE If passed to the CeWriteRecordProps function, this flag causes the property to be deleted.
  • val
    Actual value for simple types, or a pointer for strings or Binary Large Objects (BLOBs).


Pocket PC: Pocket PC 2002 and later
Smartphone: Smartphone 2002 and later
OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later
Header: Rapitypes.h

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