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The SIMCAPS structure addresses various capabilities of the SIM. This structure is part of the SIM Manager API set that enables access to information stored on the SIM card.

typedef struct simcaps_tag {
  DWORD cbSize;
  DWORD dwParams;
  DWORD dwPBStorages;
  DWORD dwMinPBIndex;
  DWORD dwMaxPBIndex;
  DWORD dwMaxPBEAddressLength;
  DWORD dwMaxPBETextLength;
  DWORD dwLockFacilities;
  DWORD dwReadMsgStorages;
  DWORD dwWriteMsgStorages;
  DWORD dwNumLockingPwdLengths;


  • cbSize
    Size of the structure in bytes.
  • dwParams
    Indicates valid parameter values.
  • dwPBStorages
    Number of supported phonebook storages.
  • dwMinPBIndex
    Number of minimum phonebook storages.
  • dwMaxPBIndex
    Number of maximum phonebook storages.
  • dwMaxPBEAddressLength
    Maximum address length of phonebook entries.
  • dwMaxPBETextLength
    Maximum text length of phonebook entries.
  • dwLockFacilities
    Number of supported locking facilities.
  • dwReadMsgStorages
    Number of supported read message stores.
  • dwWriteMsgStorages
    Number of supported write message stores.
  • dwNumLockingPwdLengths
    Number of entries in the rgLockingPwdLengths array.
  • rgLockingPwdLengths
    An array of SIMLOCKINGPWDLENGTH structures containing password lengths for each facility.


Smartphone: Smartphone 2002 and later
Pocket PC: Pocket PC 2002 and later
OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later
Header: simmgr.h
Library: cellcore.lib

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