SIM Manager Structures

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This section lists all of the available structures within the Simmgr.h file. These structures are part of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Manager API set that enables access to information stored on the SIM card.

Structure Description
SIMCAPS Addresses various capabilities of the SIM.
SIMFILEREFRESH Contains information about which files have been updated.
SIMLOCKINGPWDLENGTH Determines the minimum password length for the SIM.
SIMMESSAGE Contains a SIM message entry.
SIMMESSAGECHANGE Contains information about Short Message Service (SMS) messages that have changed and that are on the SIM.
SIMPBECHANGE Contains information about which SIM phone book entries have changed.
SIMPHONEBOOKENTRY Supports a SIM phone book entry.
SIMRECORDINFO Contains information about a particular SIM file.

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