Customize an Appointment Item's Background Color

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You can customize an Appointment item's background color for Calendar Day View and Agenda View by creating the following two registry keys:


   "1" = REG_DWORD:<RGB value>  // A COLORREF structure that describes a 32-bit RGB color.


The Colors key value "1" corresponds to the PIMSRC_COLOR enumeration value PIMSRC_COLOR_APPOINTMENTS_BACKGROUND. When you write code to access this registry key value, you can use the PIMSRC_COLOR constant as the name of the key value.

The color value is a COLORREF structure that describes as 32-bit RGB color. When specifying an explicit RGB color, the COLORREF value has the following hexadecimal form.


The low-order byte contains a value for the relative intensity of red, the second byte contains a value for green, and the third byte contains a value for blue. The high-order byte must be zero.

The maximum value for a single byte is 0xFF. To create a COLORREF color value, use the RGB macro.

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