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This function provides the functionality for exchanging information with Connection Planner or connection service providers.

HRESULT WINAPI ConnMgrProviderMessage(
  HANDLE hConnection,
  const GUID *pguidProvider,
  DWORD *pdwIndex,
  DWORD dwMsg1,
  DWORD dwMsg2,
  PBYTE pParams,
  ULONG cbParamSize


  • hConnection
    [in] Optional handle to the connection. ConnMgrEstablishConnection returns the value of this parameter. Otherwise, the value might be set to NULL.
  • pguidProvider
    [in] Pointer to the GUID of the provider.
  • pdwIndex
    [in] Pointer to the optional index, which is used to address multiple providers associated with the connection.
  • dwMsg1
    [in] General parameter 1 for this function.
  • dwMsg2
    [in] General parameter 2 for this function.
  • pParams
    [in, out] Pointer to the parameter's structure of this function.
  • cbParamSize
    [in] Size of the parameter's structure of this function.

Return Values

This function returns the following values.

Value Description
S_OK The function call was successful.
E_ACCESSDENIED The calling process does not have the privileges necessary to complete the call.
E_INVALIDARG One of the supplied arguments was invalid.
E_INTERFACE The specified provider could not be found.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.2 and later.
Header: Connmgr.h.
Link Library: Cellcore.lib.

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