GAPI Functions

This section provides detailed information about the Windows Mobile-based Game API (GAPI) functions described in the following table.

Function Description
GXBeginDraw Prepares the display for writing.
GXCloseDisplay Releases any display resources used by GAPI.
GXCloseInput Releases any input-related resources used by GAPI and returns button-press messages to their filtered mode.
GXEndDraw Called when a display drawing cycle is finished.
GXGetDefaultKeys Returns a list of virtual key codes that defines the best control layout for a game.
GXGetDisplayProperties Returns a structure with detailed information about the display hardware.
GXIsDisplayDRAMBuffer Returns if the device is a nonstandard display device.
GXOpenDisplay Opens the display for use and ensures exclusive access to the video frame buffer memory.
GXOpenInput Turns on the unfiltered button message mode.
GXResume Resumes GAPI operations.
GXSetViewport Defines a GAPI view port.
GXSuspend Suspends GAPI operations.

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