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The cursor attribute specifies or retrieves the value of the BUTTONELEMENT cursor that appears when the mouse is over the BUTTONELEMENT.



Possible Values

This attribute is a read/write String.

Value Description
system Default. Platform-dependent cursor (usually an arrow).
hand Hand.
help Arrow with question mark indicating Help is available.
sizeall Four-pointed arrow pointing north, south, east, and west.
sizenesw Double-pointed arrow pointing northeast and southwest.
sizens Double-pointed arrow pointing north and south.
sizenwse Double-pointed arrow pointing northwest and southeast.
sizewe Double-pointed arrow pointing west and east.
uparrow Vertical arrow pointing upward.
*.ani or *.cur Any .ani or .cur file (must be in the same directory as the .wms file or in the .wmz file).


If an invalid value is specified, the previous value is maintained.

Cursor file name paths are ignored, so the cursor file must reside in the default directory.


Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later.

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