CommonServiceSoap.GetEntityTypes Method

CommonServiceSoap.GetEntityTypes Method

Returns an array of EntityType[] objects for a specified data source.

Public Function GetEntityTypes
 (dataSourceName As System.String) As EntityType()


public EntityType[]
 GetEntityTypes (System.String dataSourceName);


  • dataSourceName
    A string representing the DataSource.Name property of the data source for which information is returned. The string passed in this parameter must match the DataSource.Name property exactly.


  • If the specified data source does not include entity types (such as MapPoint.Icons), nothing is returned.


[Visual Basic]

'Get the entity types for the MapPoint.NA data source
Dim commonService As New CommonServiceSoap()
Dim myEntityTypes() As EntityType
Dim myDataSourceName As String = "MapPoint.NA"
myEntityTypes = commonService.GetEntityTypes(myDataSourceName)
Dim et As EntityType
For Each et In myEntityTypes


//This example assumes that the MapPoint Web Service 
//namespace has been imported

//Get the entity types for the MapPoint.NA data source
CommonServiceSoap commonService = new CommonServiceSoap();
EntityType[] myEntityTypes;
string myDataSourceName = "MapPoint.NA";
myEntityTypes = commonService.GetEntityTypes(myDataSourceName);
foreach(EntityType et in myEntityTypes)

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