GetInfoOptions Class

GetInfoOptions Class

Contains search options used in the FindServiceSoap.GetLocationInfo method. Specifies whether to return addresses, location information for specified entity types or all entities, or both.

Public Class GetInfoOptions Inherits System.Object


public class GetInfoOptions : System.Object

Public Properties

Name Description
public propertyEntityTypesToReturn

The array of strings representing the names of the entity types (EntityType.Name[] property) for which location information should be returned. The default value is null.

public propertyIncludeAddresses

Indicates whether address information should be returned. The default value is True.

public propertyIncludeAllEntityTypes

Indicates whether location information should be returned for all entity types. The default value is True.


  • The GetInfoOptions object is passed in the options parameter of the GetLocationInfo method.

  • If the IncludeAllEntityTypes property is True, the EntityTypesToReturn property is ignored.

  • If the IncludeAllEntityTypes and IncludeAddresses properties are both set to False, the EntityTypesToReturn property must include at least one EntityType object; otherwise, a SOAP fault is returned.

  • The EntityType objects referenced in the EntityTypesToReturn property must be valid for use with the GetLocationInfo method, as well as valid for the data source represented in the dataSourceName parameter of the GetLocationInfo method.

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