ISmartPartInfoProvider.GetSmartPartInfo Method

Tries to retrieve smart part information compatible with type smartPartInfoType.

Namespace: Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.SmartParts
Assembly: Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI (in microsoft.practices.compositeui.dll)


Function GetSmartPartInfo ( _
    smartPartInfoType As Type _
) As ISmartPartInfo
Dim instance As ISmartPartInfoProvider
Dim smartPartInfoType As Type
Dim returnValue As ISmartPartInfo

returnValue = instance.GetSmartPartInfo(smartPartInfoType)
ISmartPartInfo GetSmartPartInfo (
    Type smartPartInfoType
ISmartPartInfo^ GetSmartPartInfo (
    Type^ smartPartInfoType
ISmartPartInfo GetSmartPartInfo (
    Type smartPartInfoType
function GetSmartPartInfo (
    smartPartInfoType : Type
) : ISmartPartInfo


  • smartPartInfoType
    Type of information to retrieve.

Return Value

The ISmartPartInfo instance or null if none exists in the smart part.

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