StateElement.RaiseStateChanged Method (String, Object, Object)

Raises the StateChanged event for the given state key (can be null if it is unknown).

Namespace: Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI
Assembly: Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI (in microsoft.practices.compositeui.dll)


Public Sub RaiseStateChanged ( _
    key As String, _
    newValue As Object, _
    oldValue As Object _
Dim instance As StateElement
Dim key As String
Dim newValue As Object
Dim oldValue As Object

instance.RaiseStateChanged(key, newValue, oldValue)
public void RaiseStateChanged (
    string key,
    Object newValue,
    Object oldValue
void RaiseStateChanged (
    String^ key, 
    Object^ newValue, 
    Object^ oldValue
public void RaiseStateChanged (
    String key, 
    Object newValue, 
    Object oldValue
public function RaiseStateChanged (
    key : String, 
    newValue : Object, 
    oldValue : Object


  • key
  • newValue
  • oldValue

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