salesliterature Class

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Represents sales literature. One sales literature entity may contain multiple documents.

The salesliterature class inherits from BusinessEntity.

Public Methods

For a list of methods and messages that operate on this class, see Sales Literature.

Constructor Description
salesliterature Initializes a new instance of the salesliterature class.

Public Fields

Field Description
createdby Specifies the ID of the user who created the sales literature.
createdon Specifies the date and time when the sales literature was created.
description Contains the description of the sales literature.
employeecontactid Specifies the ID of the user who is responsible for the sales literature.
expirationdate Specifies the date when the sales literature item expires.
hasattachments Specifies whether the sales literature has attachments.
iscustomerviewable Specifies whether sales literature is to be visible to customers.
keywords Specifies the keywords to use for searches in the sales literature.
literaturetypecode Specifies the type of sales literature.
modifiedby Specifies the ID of the user who last modified the sales literature.
modifiedon Specifies the date and time when the sales literature was modified.
name Specifies the name of the sales literature.
organizationid Specifies the ID of the organization associated with the sales literature.
salesliteratureid Specifies the ID of the sales literature.
subjectid Specifies the ID of the subject of the sales literature.


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