MSF Agile

In MSF, Microsoft has a proven methodology for encapsulating process, principles, and practical guidance in a way that helps teams to be more productive. Out of the box, Visual Studio 2005 users can create new development projects that leverage the MSF Agile development model. This provides formal guidance and methodologies to foster agile, effective development efforts.

The MSF Agile process template includes a default collection of work items and tools optimized to support a highly agile development effort typically suitable to small applications. The template also includes Web-based guidance on roles, activities, work products, and complex tasks (or workstreams) so that development teams can quickly learn to use the tools effectively.

The MSF Agile process template can be customized to meet the needs of a particular organization or software project. Additional process templates customized for different types of projects will also be available in the future. To see this feature in action, create a new project in Visual Studio 2005 and choose the MSF Agile process template.

MSF Agile process guidance viewed in Visual Studio 2005