ServerDocument Class

Because you can now separate the data from the user interface in Word and Excel solutions, it is possible to manipulate the data in a document without starting Office. The new ServerDocument class allows you to access the cached data and the application manifest in a Microsoft Office Word document or Microsoft Office Excel workbook, without ever having to launch Word or Excel. This opens up new possibilities for server-based solutions in which Office acts as a client and the data resides on a server. In this model, you do not need Word and Excel to write to the data on the server, only to view it on the client. When the end user opens the document in Office, data binding code in the solution assembly binds the customized data into the document. You do not even need Word and Excel installed on the server. Code on the server (for instance, in an ASP.NET page) can customize the data in the document and send the customized document to the end user.