Code Profiler - Linked Views

All of the linked Views available in Visual Studio Team System are accessible from the context menu. Figure 1 illustrates how you can navigate from the Summary View to the Functions View. Figure 2 illustrates how you navigate from the Allocations view to the Caller/Callee View.

For any given method, there are two options for linking to the Caller/Callee View. For example in Figure 2, the method selected is ValidateCardNumber. You have the option of seeing ValidateCardNumber from the perspective of what other methods it calls, or switching to view what other methods call it. Both options lead to the Caller/Callee View - but with a slightly different perspective.

Figure 1 - Navigating from the Summary View to the Function View


Figure 2 - Navigating from the Allocations View to the Caller/Callee View