ClickOnce Deployment

The new ClickOnce application deployment technology in Visual Studio 2005 makes deploying a desktop application as easy as deploying a web application. You get the best of both worlds: applications run locally but can be deployed and updated from a central location, including over the Web. Rather distributing new versions of your application, you can deploy updates from a centralized server, updating just the portions of the application that have changed. Visual Studio helps you author for the secure CLR sandbox your application will run in with features like F5 debug in security zone and a code analysis tool that determines an application’s needed permissions. For applications that need a higher level of trust, ClickOnce supports both a user prompting model and an enhanced security policy pre-deployment mechanism for administrators. You can Publish your application from the Build menu to a file system, local or remote web server, or FTP site. You can specify settings to control whether the application will be available offline, and whether and when to conduct automatic updates. Visual Studio will automatically generate for you the XML manifest files that drive the ClickOnce installation technology on the client machine.

Visual Studio gives you fine-grained control over how your deployed application will perform automatic updates