Integrated Code Analysis for Managed Code

Team Foundation Server code analysis tests managed code written in Visual Studio 2005 to check that it complies with the rules and best practices set forth in the Microsoft .NET Framework Design Guidelines. This helps development teams write quality code that performs better and avoids security issues such as buffer overflows.

Code analysis in Team Foundation Server may be integrated into several different points in the development process. Code analysis can be run within the development environment by developers. It can also be run as during the check-in process as a required policy. Team Build integration also allows code analysis to be run as an automatic part of the build process. Code Analysis also allows in-source suppression of code analysis alerts. This provides a mechanism to suppress code analysis warnings that have been investigated and found to be irrelevant.

Code analysis settings can be configured through the property pages for a project, when creating a code analysis check-in policy, or when creating a new build type in the Team Explorer.

Enabling code analysis for a project using managed code