Code Coverage Details Report

Team Foundation Server Reports help development teams keep abreast of the status of development projects as they evolve. The Code Coverage Details report shows how many lines of code have been touched in each build.

Team Foundation Server uses SQL Server 2005 to store all the data that's generated during the development team's everyday work, including information about work items, such as bugs and tasks, as well as builds, versions, and source code changes. Through integration with SQL Server Reporting Services, Team Foundation Server allows a wide range of dynamic reports to be generated from this data.

The Code Coverage Details report can be important because it gives development teams a measure of the current state of the code. If the percentage of lines touched is very high, for example, this can indicate that the application is not stable, even if major sections of the code have been written. If the percentage of lines untouched is high, this may indicate that the code that has been written is near final completion.

The Code Coverage Details report is found under the Reports folder in the Team Explorer.