Getting Started

For an accelerated introduction to the .NET Framework, follow these steps in sequence:

  1. Read the Overview of the .NET Framework topic.
  2. Scan the Tutorials, beginning with the Introduction to Developing with the .NET Framework tutorial.
  3. Review the QuickStarts, a series of brief, illustrated samples that demonstrate key .NET Framework technologies.
  4. Scan the descriptions of the Samples, identify the samples that are relevant to your development needs, and install the samples from <FrameworkSDK>\Samples. Use the samples as a foundation for developing your own .NET Framework applications.
  5. As you begin to develop your applications, continue to use the .NET Framework documentation as a primary source of information. The documentation is compiled into an easy-to-use Help file that is displayed in the Microsoft Document Explorer viewer. The viewer includes features such as an index keyword search, a full-text search, and filtering mechanisms that enable you to customize how the information is displayed.

In This Section

  • What's New in the .NET Framework Version 1.1
    Describes the new features and new documentation for version 1.1.
  • Overview of the .NET Framework
    Introduces the .NET Framework architecture and its components.
  • .NET Framework System Requirements
    Lists the minimum and recommended system requirements for client and server applications.
  • [SDKonly;;>About the .NET Framework Documentation
    Explains how to locate and filter information that is contained in the documentation.<+]
  • [SDKonly;;>Product Support Options
    Provides information about product support and how to provide feedback on the .NET Framework SDK.<+]
  • [VSonly;;>Document Conventions
    Shows the typographic conventions for programming elements that are referenced in the documentation.<+]