IWebBrowser2::GetProperty Method

Gets the value associated with a user-defined property name.


HRESULT GetProperty(
    BSTR bstrProperty,
    VARIANT *pvtValue


  • bstrProperty
    [in] Required. A BSTR that specifies the exact name of the property to get.
  • pvtValue
    [out] A pointer to a VARIANT structure that receives the value associated with the given property.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


The property name specified in bstrProperty is case-sensitive.

If the property is not set, this method returns a VARIANT of type VT_EMPTY.

The WebBrowser object delegates this method to the top-level frame. If no frame exists, it returns E_FAIL.

This feature is provided so that objects can save state across pages. There are no pre-defined property names. See IWebBrowser2::PutProperty for more information.

See Also

IWebBrowser2::PutProperty, DWebBrowserEvents2::PropertyChange