IWebBrowser2::GoBack Method

Navigates backward one item in the history list.



Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


During a browsing session, the WebBrowser control and Windows Internet Explorer maintain a history list of all Web sites visited during a session, unless you specify the navNoHistory flag when you use the IWebBrowser2::Navigate method.

Use the DWebBrowserEvents2::CommandStateChange event to check the enabled state of backward navigation. If the event's CSC_NAVIGATEBACK command is disabled, the beginning of the history list has been reached, and the IWebBrowser2::GoBack method should not be used.

See Also

IWebBrowser2::GoForward, IWebBrowser2::GoHome, IWebBrowser2::GoSearch, IWebBrowser2::Navigate, DWebBrowserEvents2::CommandStateChange