ftp Protocol

Opens a file transfer session with the specified site address.




  • sUsername
    Optional. Specifies an existing account on the site.
  • sPassword
    Optional. (If sUsername is included.) Specifies the password of the account on the site.
  • sDomain
    Specifies the fully qualified domain name or IP address to the site.


Sites with FTP servers might or might not allow anonymous connections. Depending on the site's configuration, the password does not always have to be included with the FTP protocol if the account name is required. The site will prompt you for login information as necessary.

Available as of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later.


The following sample demonstrates two ways to use the FTP protocol.

//Without specifying the user name and password. 

<A HREF="ftp://microsoft.com">
Microsoft's FTP Site

//Specifying the user name and password. For this example, an anonymous connection will be made. 

<A HREF="ftp://anonymous:anonymous@microsoft.com">
Microsoft's FTP Site