Common Tasks across Database Edition

In Microsoft Visual Studio Team System Database Edition, you often must perform the same task as part of completing different actions. For example, you must connect to a database before you can compare schemas, deploy changes, or run scripts. Additionally, you must sometimes perform the same task to complete different actions in Database Edition and Visual Studio.

In This Section

  • How to: Create a Database Connection
    Describes how to create a database connection. In several locations, the Connect to Database dialog box appears so that you can specify a connection that is already created. This topic describes how to create a connection so that it appears in the list.
  • Customizing the Editor
    Describes tasks that relate to customizing the appearance and functionality of the editor. You use the same editor whether you are authoring and executing Transact-SQL scripts or defining database objects.

  • Team Foundation
    Provides a starting point for learning about features in Team Foundation Server that you might use in combination with Database Edition.