How to: Add Output Properties to a Data Generator

Output properties are the properties of a custom generator that you can use to fill columns of a database with test data. You can create output properties by decorating public properties with the OutputAttribute attribute.

To create an output property

  • Decorate a public property of the generator with the Output attribute, as shown in the following example. Values for the Name and Description appear in the interface and provide information to the user, but they are optional. If you omit them, the property name appears in the interface.

    <Output(Description:="This is the description", Name:="This is the descriptive name")> _
    Public Property MyProperty() As Integer
          Return myPropertyValue
       End Get
    End Property
    [Output(Description=" This is the description ", Name=" This is the descriptive name ")]
    public int MyProperty
       { return myPropertyValue; }

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