Implementing Save and Restore Coprocessor Register Support

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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


You can use a single set of variables and functions to save and restore coprocessor registers from a number of coprocessors at the same time. You must coordinate the single set of functions and variables to ensure that the proper state is saved and restored when the coprocessor is active and must have its state saved. The following procedure shows how to save and restore debug registers.

To save and restore debug registers

  1. Set the function pointers to point to OEM adaptation layer (OAL) functions that initialize, save, and restore the coprocessor state.
    If you intend to save debug registers, the kernel should call the save and restore functions only when necessary.

    You can track the location of the debug register data by defining a structure that is static, but encompasses all the data that will be stored in the buffer.

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