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Depending on the version of Windows Mobile, the Windows Media Player control implementation can operate in one of two modes to allow for backwards compatibility with the Microsoft ActiveMovie control, as shown in the following table.

Mode Description Version support


Supports nearly all methods, properties, and event notifications for the Windows Media Player control.

Windows Mobile 2003 and later.


Supports nearly all methods, properties, and events supported for the ActiveMovie control.

Pre-Windows Mobile 2003.

The CLSID used to create an instance of the control also determines the mode of operation.

Using the CLSID previously reserved for the ActiveMovie control creates an instance of the Windows Media Player control in that alternate mode. The control behaves similar to the older ActiveMovie control.

There are some points to consider when determining what mode to use:

  • The control only fires events appropriate to the mode in which it is instantiated.
  • The Windows Media Player error event is the only supported error event. There is no error handling in ActiveMovie mode.
  • Many ActiveMovie methods and properties have the same names as members of the Windows Media Player control. In these cases, the Windows Media Player functionality is provided no matter what compatibility mode the control is instantiated in.
  • The Microsoft NetShow player control is not supported.

If the Windows Media Player control is created in ActiveMovie mode, Windows Media Player-specific methods or properties can be accessed as properties of the MediaPlayer property.

For example, if the control has been instantiated under the name AMovie1 in ActiveMovie mode, the Volume property could be accessed as follows.


If the Windows Media Player control is instantiated in MediaPlayer mode, the ActiveMovie property is exposed, providing access to methods and properties typically only available in that mode.

If a MediaPlayer control accessed the CurrentState property, it would do so as follows.


Every method, property, and event listed in the reference includes a compatibility section that indicates whether that item is part of the Windows Media Player control, ActiveMovie control, or both.

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