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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


This property specifies whether scanning is enabled for files that support scanning (fast-forwarding and rewinding). This property is read/write.

Compatibility: Windows Media Player


MediaPlayer.AllowScan [ = bAllowScan ]


  • bAllowScan
    Boolean value specifying whether scanning is enabled. If true, scanning is enabled. The default value is true.


This property determines whether the FastForward and FastReverse methods are enabled. In addition, if this property is true, the user can scan forward or back through a clip by clicking Scan Forward or Scan Rewind on the shortcut menu.

While scanning, the position on the trackbar control moves rapidly forward or backward. To stop scanning, click the play button, stop button, or pause button.

Setting this property to false also disables the fast forward and fast reverse buttons on the Media Player control window.

Only certain types of files can be scanned, regardless of the value of AllowScan. The CanScan property returns a Boolean value specifying whether the file can be scanned.


Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 3.0 and later

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