AutoSize (Windows Media Player)

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This property indicates whether the Windows Media Player control automatically sizes to the proportions of the original media rendered at the current display size. This property is read/write.

Compatibility: Windows Media Player


MediaPlayer.AutoSize [ = bAutoSize ]


  • bAutoSize
    Boolean value indicating whether the Windows Media Player changes size to conform to the size of the content. If true, automatic sizing is enabled. If false, the Windows Media Player retains the width and height set at design time. See Remarks for default values.


For Web page applications, the default value is true unless width and height parameters are specified at design time, in which case the default value is false.

If this property is true, the Windows Media Player control overrides width and height parameters. When a clip is loaded, the control changes its dimensions to accommodate the media stream, as specified by the DisplaySize property.

If this property is false, the image is centered in the video display panel. If the dimensions of the video image are smaller than the display panel, the Windows Media Player control adds a video border around the image.

If the video image is larger than the specified display panel area, the image shrinks to fit into the display panel. The Windows Media Player renders data more efficiently when it resizes to the dimensions of the source content.


Windows Embedded CE Windows CE 3.0 and later

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