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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


This function is called by the OS to transfer registry data as defined by the OEM to persistent storage.


BOOL WriteRegData( 
  DWORD dwFlags, 
  LPBYTE lpBuf, 
  DWORD len 


  • dwFlags
    [in] Read options specified by the OS. Currently, the only possible value is REG_WRITE_BYTES_START, which indicates the start of the new registry file.
  • lpBuf
    [in] Pointer to a buffer allocated by the OS and filled with registry data. This function retrieves the data and saves it to persistent storage.
  • len
    [in] Number of bytes in the lpBuf buffer passed in by the OS. When set to zero, the end of the file has been reached.

Return Value

TRUE indicates success. FALSE indicates failure.


Header pwinreg.h
Library coredll.lib
Windows Embedded CE Windows CE .NET 4.2 and later
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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