Pocket Outlook Object Model Enumerations

A version of this page is also available for

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


This section provides reference details about the Pocket Outlook Object Model API enumerations.

In This Section

  • OlBusyStatus
    Identifies a recipient's availability status for an appointment.
  • ** OlCurrentCity **
    Identifies whether or not the user's current city is the user's home city.
  • OlDefaultFolders
    Identifies the default folder container objects that ship with Outlook Mobile.
  • OlMeetingStatus
    Identifies the meeting status of an Appointment item using an enumeration of constants.
  • OlRecurrenceType
    Identifies the type of recurrence pattern assigned to an appointment.
  • OlReminderOptions
    Identifies the kind of reminder used for appointment and task items.
  • OlSensitivity
    Identifies the sensitivity level assigned to appointment and task objects.
  • OlMeetingStatusFlags
    Identifies the meeting status of an Appointment item using a series of flag constants.
    Identifies the colors that a Source Provider can use as alternate background colors for Appointments in the Agenda and Day views.
  • Messaging
    Windows® phones include a messaging sub-system for sending, receiving, storing, and manipulating e-mail and Short-Message Service (SMS) text messages. The Microsoft messaging client application, Messaging (formerly Inbox), provides the user interface for creating and reading messages, and for accessing and manipulating the message items in local and remote message stores. The Windows Mobile version of the Messaging API (MAPI) is a COM-based library that provides programmatic access to this functionality. It mirrors the Microsoft Exchange Server version of MAPI, but has a smaller scope of functionality to accommodate the practical constraints of mobile devices.