Specifying Privacy Settings

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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


Privacy settings for the Internet zone can be changed from the Privacy tab in the Internet Options dialog box. The implementation uses the Privacy Functions to perform the following tasks:

  • Change the privacy level
    Use the PrivacySetZonePreferenceW function to change the privacy levels in Internet Explorer. Pass the appropriate template identifiers in the dwTemplate parameter. For more information about PrivacyTemplates flags to specify, see Privacy Flags.

  • Apply advanced settings
    Use PrivacySetZonePreferenceW to apply advanced settings. Pass PRIVACY_TEMPLATE_ADVANCED as the template identifier in dwTemplate and specify the template to use in the pszPreference parameter depending on the option selected in the Privacy tab of the Internet Options dialog box in your browser. The following table shows the values to pass.

    Values Description

    "IE6-P3PV1/settings: always=a"

    The Accept radio button is selected in the Privacy tab.

    "IE6-P3PV1/settings: always=r"

    The Block radio button is selected in the Privacy tab.

    "IE6-P3PV1/settings: always=p"

    The Prompt radio button is selected in the Privacy tab.


The session=a is added to each one of these templates if Always allow session cookies is enabled in the Privacy tab.

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