Privacy Notification User Interface

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The Privacy Notification user interface (UI) is designed to inform the user about events associated with cookies. The UI includes a privacy icon that can be displayed on the status bar of the browser. This dialog box is implemented in the browser host.

The privacy icon is displayed on the status bar when one of the following events occurs.

  • Request to set a cookie is denied.
  • Cookie is downgraded.
  • Cookie exists but is not sent, such as, a leashed cookie that cannot be sent to a third party context.


IESAMPLE displays the privacy icon when the browser control host raises the DISPID_PRIVACYIMPACTEDSTATECHANGED event. This event is invoked by MSHTML through the host implementation of ITridentService2::FirePrivacyImpactedStateChange. MSHTML monitors cookie activity by using Urlmon's BINDSTATUS_COOKIE_XXX callbacks. These callbacks are declared in the urlmon.h header file.

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