Object Exchange Protocol

A version of this page is also available for

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


The Object Exchange Protocol (OBEX) technology for Windows Mobile provides an efficient, compact binary protocol that enables a wide range of devices to exchange data spontaneously in a simple, efficient manner. This technology works over Bluetooth and Infrared Data Association (IrDA) protocols.

OBEX is primarily used as a push or pull application.

It performs a function that is similar to Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) but it does not require the resources that an HTTP server requires. This makes OBEX perfect for low-end devices with limited resources.

In This Section

OBEX Reference

Provides reference information about each of the available OBEX programming elements.

OBEX Migration

Provides information about changes in OBEX support that you need to know when migrating this functionality from previous versions. **

OBEX Application Development

Describes OBEX client and server support in Windows Mobile.

OBEX Registry Settings

Describes the registry settings that enable and configure OBEX functionalities that can be added to your OS design.

OBEX Security

Provides information about OBEX security and best practices. **

  • Bluetooth
    Provides information about Bluetooth support in Windows Mobile.