Real-time Communications (RTC) Client API

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Windows Embedded CE includes the Real-time Communications (RTC) Client API, which supports real-time communication between different parties using audio and text messaging.

The RTC Client API also provides presence functionality to locate available parties and communicate when you are available.

To provide its functionality, the RTC Client API uses industry standard protocols like:

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Session Description Protocol (SDP)
  • Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
  • Public Switched Telephone Network/Internet Interworking (PINT)

The IP phone support in Windows Embedded CE is built using the RTC Client API. For more information about IP phone support, see Developing a VoIP Phone.

In This Section

  • RTC Client API OS Design Development
    Presents information that is helpful when designing and developing a Windows Embedded CE OS design that uses the RTC Client API. This includes dependencies of the RTC Client API, the modules and components that implement the RTC Client API, and the RTC Client API SYSGEN variables.
  • RTC Client API Migration
    Presents information that is useful if you are migrating from an OS design that includes the RTC Client API and is based on a previous version of Windows Embedded CE.
  • Standards and Drafts for RTC
    Applies to Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2

    Lists relevant Requests for Comments (RFC) and Internet-Drafts (ID). Provides a link to the RFCs and IDs.

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